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This book details the struggle to set policy after the attack on our nation.

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Helms sought to block the nomination of James Hormel as ambassador to Luxembourg because he is gay. She called him twice from the plane. It seems so simple that it could be written in crayon—it's so simple that even the Attorney General can understand it.

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In August of , however, Fox News reported that the government was planning to charge the four Detroit men with terrorism, and quoted from the indictment the day before the grand jury publicly issued it. The other 54 individuals were given fines and home detentions. Gonzales is trailing blood in shark-infested political waters, and, by telling this story, Comey has thrown the flailing AG an anchor instead of a life preserver. He grew up in a family that he said adhered strictly to Assemblies codes: he did not drink, smoke or gamble. They encourage people of good will to remain silent in the face of evil. Ashcroft was the first Republican in Congress to demand his resignation. These positions were informed less by his religious beliefs than by the expert advice of political consultants, whom Ashcroft hired to help him market his message as effectively as possible. At the hearing, Ashcroft answered a series of questions from Senator Dianne Feinstein about gun control. Soon enough, Ashcroft had the Governor on the defensive; with crime now a major issue, Ashcroft turned his attention to Ronnie White, whom President Clinton had nominated to the federal bench in Missouri. He was confirmed by the Senate by a vote of 58 to 42, with most Democratic senators voting against him, citing his prior opposition to using forced busing to achieve desegregation , and their opposition to Ashcroft's anti-abortionism. Responding to questions about the influence religion might exert on Mr. For more than a quarter century, through Republican and Democratic Administrations, the Justice Department had held the opposite view. On the campaign trail, his message was straightforward. This only reinforced the bunker mentality that has so ill-served the White House.

In the wake of his divisive confirmation hearings, the White House had made clear that it didn't want any culture-war explosions. Then, when religious conservatives learned that Bush was on the verge of nominating Racicot, they told Karl Rove that Racicot was too moderate.

Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven. In Red China, you were paraded around town with a dunce cap on your head. Ashcroft stayed out of the debates provoked when the Bush White House opened its office of faith-based initiatives—even though faith-based initiatives had been a signature issue for him in the Senate.

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He is married to Janet E. He said the practice was unconstitutional and that he supported legislation requiring police to keep statistics on their actions. He lost, but even though he had had a tiny budget and his opponent was part of the local Republican establishment, he polled almost forty-five per cent of the primary vote. After Republicans were punished for their impeachment zeal in the midterm elections, and Ashcroft faced the prospect of losing his Senate seat as well as the presidential primaries, he set out to moderate his image by tacking to the center. Before passage of the act the government could search certain personal records—including hotel, airline, and car-rental records—if it could provide evidence to suggest that the records were those of a spy or terrorist. He did not dance, for it was considered sexually arousing. They wanted him to sign a document reversing the Justice Department's ruling.

I feel the AG and President had the best interest of our nation at heart but went to far to sacrifice our freedom for security. The Democratic U.

In the '90s, my failure to be elected chairman of the Republican National Committee led to my successful race for the United States Senate

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When I lost the race for senator, I became the Attorney General. He believed in getting the Assemblies of God schools accredited. Gore, had awarded the presidential election to the Republicans—were spoiling for a confirmation fight, and Ashcroft proved to be the most convenient symbol of the social-conservative world view that inspires such intense fear and antipathy in the Democratic base. But there's another side. He continued talking about abortion but also began to deliver anodyne speeches about cutting taxes, improving schools, and fighting crime. But later I realized that he was sharing one of what he calls, in his brief campaign autobiography, On My Honor , the "core beliefs that shape my life. Banks and doctors and Internet-service providers would be compelled to turn over the critics' data—but prohibited from telling the critics that their records were being searched. Shelves: biography Review title: Defending America, defending Ashcroft John Ashcroft was Attorney General during the dark days of September 11 and its aftermath, and he takes his autobiography title from the charge given him by President Bush to protect America from a repeat of that terrorific event. He has become the iconic embodiment of American fears about the sacrifice of liberty for the illusion of security in an age of terror. I believe that out of crucifixions come resurrections.
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The redemption of John Ashcroft