A film of egyptian culture and royal burial in pyramids

Lung-assaulting bacteria such as Pseudomonas and Staphylococcus may also grow on tomb walls. You cannot reach those spots. It was probably difficult for them to control the area. How did Merer get his boat close enough to the pyramids to unload his cargo of stone?

egyptian pyramids facts

Passing between the colossi, through the central entrance, the interior of the temple is decorated with engravings showing Ramesses and Nefertari paying homage to the gods.

The workmen who were involved in building the Great Pyramid were divided into gangs or groups, and each group had a name and an overseer.

Quarrying, carving, transporting, and raising the obelisks required enormous skill and labor and taught the Egyptians well how to work in stone and move immensely heavy objects over many miles.

See also: Execration texts Curses relating to tombs are extremely rare, possibly because the idea of such desecration was unthinkable and even dangerous to record in writing.


And one of the things that is motivating me now is the question of what vision of society is suggested by a pyramid like Khufu's?

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