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This meeting allowed the community to work collaboratively with the City to mold and shape the plans for the future park and to hear and address issues and concerns. In Woodland was the most populous city in the county, with a population of 3, The county seat was permanently moved to Woodland after Washington, California now a part of West Sacramento had flooded.

Also, Blumenfield successfully insisted that Measure M not only include funding for Orange Line upgrades including, eventually, conversion to light rail, but he made sure that grade separation to improve speed for the bus and surrounding traffic would begin in Occasional heat waves raise the temperature above degrees.

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For the next forty years Woodland continued growing, slowly but steadily, in population, businesses and industries. He was giving land to anyone who would clear it and build their home on it.

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Everything closes early, and few adults under the age of 30 live here, anyway. Interstate 5 enters the city from the east and curves northward over the remainder of Woodland, exiting northwest.

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Since the late s, there has been a greater interest in preserving the town's historic buildings, and an impressive number of them have been restored for use as homes, offices, stores and museums. There are western-themed restaurants where soccer moms and biker dudes gather for mimosas on Sunday afternoons.

January is typically the wettest month with about 3.

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